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You can now see the new trailer for Guild of Depravity


The manga published in the magazine Monthly Shōnen Gangan under the seal of the publisher of Square Enix, which volume 8 was published as a compilation in the past year 2021 and volume 9 this year a few months ago, now receives a trailer as a promotional video at the same time that It gives us a little information that can be used to take advantage of this anime series.

Of course, as a personal opinion, I think that the contrast between the characters and the background is not well implemented due to excessive blur that these have. Still, I let you share your opinion with me after seeing the trailer.

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You can now see the new trailer for Guild of Depravity

It has been on the official website for the Guild of Depravity anime series where a second promotional video has been published that you see next to this paragraph about the adaptation of the manga to the anime series. Said publication brought an announcement where the release date of Guild of Depravity has been confirmed, which has left its programming for the next day. October 5 in Japanese territory.

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For now We do not have more information about its distribution in the West, as well as if it will arrive soon in Spain or not. Or at least, I haven’t found any kind of article or press release reporting this. So we must wait for them to give us the rest of the information about its premiere in Spain.

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