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Xbox 360 Dashboard Won’t Return, Xbox Confirms


One of the great things that Xbox fans remember is without a doubt the Xbox 360 interface, which for so many years accompanied millions of players in their day to day life with the console, in an interface that at that time was very advanced for your time. However, as a result of the above, the interface of Xbox 360 will not return, confirms Xbox before the comments of thousands of players who seek its return product of the tests in the interface of the current consoles.

Through the recent episode of the Xbox podcast, Major Nelson spoke and shared some details about the new Xbox home user interface, which has taken place during these days. He emphasized that have received a lot of feedback from fans regarding what is changing, but unfortunately they can’t go back to the Xbox 360 interface because it’s incompatible with what they want to do.

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Xbox 360 Dashboard Won’t Return, Xbox Confirms

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During the chapter, Major Nelson detailed the following (translated): “First of all, I want to point one thing out right away because I know people are going to go into YouTube chats or contact me on Twitter. No, we can’t get that interface back. That was beautiful, that was nice, but we can’t take that back because they don’t really suit, as we say in the business, what we want to do.” Let us remember that some time ago, Eden Marie from Xbox also emphasized this response, as a result of a user asking him if the interface of the beloved Xbox 360 would ever return.

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A bucket of cold water for users who were waiting and dreaming of an Xbox Series X|S interface like that of the legendary Xbox 360, which could have worked if adapted correctly. They will have powerful reasons on Xbox to definitively bury this idea, perhaps opting for a more modern and minimalist appearance as has been the case up to now.

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