WMU donating medical equipment to hospitals


by: Kyle Mitchell

Posted: Mar 26, 2020 / 05: 48 PM EDT
/ Updated: Mar 26, 2020 / 05: 48 PM EDT

Western Michigan University is donating personal protective equipment to
medical professionals on campus and to local hospitals.

The university community
tracked down supplies normally used for research and in science classes,
according to Vice President for Research and Innovation Terri Goss Kinzy.

“We were able to go
through the stocks of materials we have,” Goss Kinzy said.  

The items were donated to
the Sindecuse Health Center, which will use the equipment and donate some to
medical providers.

The chemistry club
donated nearly 150 goggles and even small donations were accepted.

“We had people that might
only have one box of gloves in their lab and they still wanted to make sure it
got donated,” Goss Kinzy said.

Director of Nursing
Jessica Slates says the Sindecuse Health Center and local medical professionals
need the supplies to keep working safely through the pandemic.  

“The supplies are very
crucial. There are many facilities around the area that are also accepting
donations because if we don’t have the supplies, then we can’t fully protect
ourselves, which in turn would lead to not being able to protect the greater
community,” Slates said.

The university also
donated isopropyl alcohol, which could be used to make hand sanitizer.

“The federal government,
through the National Institutes of Health, which funds some of our research at
Western. They have told us that we can donate goods that were purchased off of
an NIH grant because they recognize how important this is,” Slates said.

University leaders are
speaking with the College of Engineering about the possibility of making
additional medical supplies. WMU is looking into utilizing 3D printers to
assist in the effort.

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