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Will the massive leak of GTA VI affect the development of the game?


The massive leak of GTA VI could end up affecting the game much more than expected. We have seen a multitude of videos, images, gameplays, posted on the internet, and it seems that it went much further, with leaks also of the game’s source code, as well as of GTA V. There has even been talk of blackmail. Industry insiders have started talking about this most likely delaying the game for up to two more years.

The news that a GTAForums user had posted almost 100 videos has shocked, coinciding with much of what Bloomberg reported earlier this year -including that the game will co-star a woman and be set in Vice City-, the videos they are very much developing images, with unfinished textures and models everywhere, and code playing in real time in many of them, being this massive leak of GTA VI one of the biggest in history.

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Mass leak of GTA VI

Mass leak of GTA VI

To be real than the author of the massive leak of GTA VI has the source codes of the games, it is very likely that the game will have to restart many of its stages. Blackmailing a studio like Rockstar Games and its publisher Take-Two could only result in internal changes, renewing staff, reevaluating processes. And it is that in total more than 10 thousand lines of code would have been leaked, which in some cases could cause the cancellation of a game. It’s about something so serious that it could set the game back a decade.

A well-known journalist confirms that the massive GTA VI leak is real

Given the situation of the game and the number of images, it would be one of the greatest of all time, on a par with Half-Life 2. Some are not so tragic about the possible delay of the game, and believe on the contrary that this could speed up the process of officially revealing the game so we would have more official images, trailers.

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