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What royals would earn in real world


Ever wondered what members of the royal family would earn if they were in everyday careers?

Well, taking into account their skills and qualifications, the likes of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Sophie Wessex have been analysed to find which job and what salary they would have if they were not members of the royal family.

The Sun reports that workplace and training experts The Knowledge Academy mocked up CVs for different royals to try and understand how they would fare in the job market.

Unsurprisingly, Meghan Markle came out on top thanks to her acting experience, while Prince Harry would likely earn around $39,000 as a charity worker – however, with the Duke’s army experience this could be boosted towards $104,000 if he worked his way up towards a major.

Future Queen Consort, Kate Middleton could be on salary of $43,000 – taking into account her work experience before marrying Prince William.

Meanwhile, the Duchess of Cornwall’s limited experience as a part-time secretary would likely see her on a salary of just $33,000.

Meghan Markle $655,000

Meghan in a promotional shot for Suits. Picture: NBC Universal
media_cameraMeghan in a promotional shot for Suits. Picture: NBC Universal

With an IMDb profile like Meghan’s, she could pick up where she left off in a successful and lucrative acting career.

With Suits and CSI: Miami under her belt, as well as other smaller roles, she could be making $655,000 per year – which according to knownetworth.com, is approximately what she was raking in per year from Suits, other endorsements and sponsorships.

Prince Harry and Prince William, $39,000

Prince Harry. Picture: Getty
media_cameraPrince Harry. Picture: Getty

Both involved in charity work, if Harry and Wills were not members of the royal family, they would likely only make around $39,000 per year in an entry-level charity role.

They could boost this by picking up their army careers again, with captains making $79,000 while majors earn as much as $104,000 per annum.

Prince William. Picture: Getty
media_cameraPrince William. Picture: Getty

Kate Duchess of Cambridge, $43,000

Kate Duchess of Cambridge. Picture: Ella Pellegrini
media_cameraKate Duchess of Cambridge. Picture: Ella Pellegrini

Before the Duchess of Cambridge married Prince William and became the future Queen, she bagged a university degree from the University of St Andrews and accepted the role of accessory buyer at high-end retailer, Jigsaw.

Added to that, she worked for her parents, Carole and Michael Middleton’s party supplies company, Party Pieces.

With this in mind, if she picked up her career again now, she’d likely be on a salary of $43,000 in a marketing role, but with Kate’s experience, she could certainly climb the ladder to more senior positions in the future.

Sophie, Countess of Wessex, $75,000

Sophie, Countess of Wessex. Picture: Getty Images
media_cameraSophie, Countess of Wessex. Picture: Getty Images

With bags of experience in PR – including launching her own company – Sophie Wessex could be earning a salary of $75,000.

As well as starting her own PR company in 1996 – which lasted five years – the royal has headed the PR strategy at a number of organisations, including taking on the role of ski representative while working abroad in Austria and Switzerland.

Prince Edward, $43,000

Prince Edward Earl of Wessex. Picture: Alyce Mokrzycki
media_cameraPrince Edward Earl of Wessex. Picture: Alyce Mokrzycki

After Prince Edward’s stint in the Royal Navy, the prince worked as production assistant at a theatre company in London.

Later, in 1993, he owned his own TV production company where he took on the role of director.

Although the company was dissolved 10 years ago, he could bag a salary of $53,000 as an experienced production assistant if he ever fancied revisiting the 9-5.

Princess Anne, $36,000

Princess Anne. Picture: AFP
media_cameraPrincess Anne. Picture: AFP

Princess Anne has extensive experience in charity work, but with less than Harry and William, the Queen’s daughter would likely earn a little less in today’s market.

As well as working extensively with Save the Children of which she has been President since 1970, the princess royal also started The Princess Royal Trust for Carers in 1991.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, $33,000

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. Picture: Getty
media_cameraCamilla, Duchess of Cornwall. Picture: Getty

Camilla attended various finishing schools while growing up, including The Queen’s Gate School in South Kensington.

Following this, she worked as a part-time secretary, which today would only earn her a salary of $33,000.

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