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What is the famous “scroll stopper”?


According Facebook, 57% of all conversions are generated by advertising. That’s why it’s important to stand out using the scroll stopper.

What is the scroll stopper?

Every day, 141 meters of feed are traveled on average per user on social networks. Scroll stoppers are content that will allow a brand to stop his target customer to make him consume his content, its advertising. The interest is therefore to captivate users with relevant and engaging content. To do this, Influenth presents its tips for a good scroll stopper.

Make a good scroll stopper

1. Make short videos

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2. Highlight the main message you want to play in the first 3.5 seconds of the video

3. Add animation to catch the eye and captivate viewers

4. Consider color contrasts

5. Add subtitles during speaking time

6. Feature real people in the video

7. Release strong emotions

8. Hook spectators by highlighting one of the benefits of the brand

9. Get inspired by scroll stoppers that stop you and work well in keeping watch

10. UGC, User Generated Content resulting in organic, authentic videos

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