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Viddal Riley says he apologised to Shannon Briggs after KSI’s win over Logan Paul


KSI’s trainer Viddal Riley says he apologised to Shannon Briggs after repeatedly clashing with the former heavyweight champion in the build-up to Saturday’s fight with Logan Paul.

The feud between the two trainers threatened to overshadow the bout between their fighters, with Briggs attacking a member of KSI’s team after Friday’s weigh-in and provoking a furious reaction from British cruiserweight Riley.

But he got the last laugh as KSI claimed a split-decision victory over Paul at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, despite Briggs claiming his fighter could become a heavyweight champion in the future.

Just as KSI and Paul embraced in the ring after the fight, Riley says he briefly spoke to Briggs and put the animosity behind them.

Asked about Briggs at the post-fight press conference, Riley said: ‘To get the win is very satisfying. I spoke to Shannon.

‘A few things were said in the build-up that were personal and I didn’t realise the extent of what I was saying and I apologised for that.

‘Things get heated when you’re going to war but once war is done, as a man you should respect your opposition.

‘He pushed us, it was a good fight. I’m just excited that we got the W, onto bigger and better things.’

Briggs had repeatedly tried to antagonise KSI’s team, culminating in their fight at the weigh-in, while Riley had retaliated by mercilessly mocking the 47-year-old over his age.

They also clashed on the street after Wednesday’s media day, with Briggs yelling at Riley: ‘And you call yourself a fighter. You’re not a fighter. You’re taking that boy’s money. Let’s go champ! Watch your mouth now. Watch your mouth before I beat you up. Hey, play nice. Play nice before I beat you up!’

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