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Veronicas sister’s awkward sex purchase



As one of Australia’s most successful music exports, The Veronicas lead a pretty glamorous life touring around the world.

Or so it seemed.

In the latest episode of their MTV reality show Blood is for Life, which is streaming on Foxtel Now, fans got a glimpse of what it’s really like behind the scenes.

Prior to one of their shows at a club in Los Angeles, which is their first time performing a gig side-by-side in two years, we see Lisa Origliasso making a rather awkward trip to the chemist to get 10 bottles of lube.

Nothing to see here just buying heaps of lube.
media_cameraNothing to see here just buying heaps of lube.

Before you raise your eyebrows, the lube was so the twins could slip into their uber-tight latex costumes.

“A lot of people don’t realise that being an international pop sensation is basically having to go to the pharmacy and buy lube like everyone else, standing in line,” Lisa tells us.

“So you can lather yourself up and get onstage. It’s all part of it.”

Accompanied by her American actor husband, Logan Huffman, the pair examine all the different types of lube on offer before settling on their choice.

Groovy, got it.
media_cameraGroovy, got it.

It was the first time fans were properly introduced to Lisa’s husband, who she married last year.

The pair, who are in a long distance relationship with Lisa in Brisbane and Logan in LA, revealed what they get up to when they have time off.

Logan has a huge oasis in his backyard, where the couple grow all different types of fruit, herbs and plants.

“Our garden in LA is an extension of Logan’s mind. He took me there on our second date actually, and I remember my mind being completely blown,” Lisa says.

“He built this beautiful wonderland in his garden and it was very inspiring.”

Lisa and Logan in their happy place.
media_cameraLisa and Logan in their happy place.

We also see the blossoming early stages of Jess’ relationship with transgender musician Kai Carlton, who she is now engaged to after he proposed last month.

The pair are seen going on their first proper holiday together to Arizona, after “a few weeks” of dating.

The show began filming in March.

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Jess and Kai sharing a moment after the show.
media_cameraJess and Kai sharing a moment after the show.

They look absolutely smitten as they perform at the same venue in downtown LA, where Kai lives.

It comes after the explosive first episode, in which Jess candidly discussed her trauma in the wake of her relationship with Australian actress, Ruby Rose.

“Although I have so many regrets in staying as long as I did, and not standing up for myself, I did the most that I could to love that person the best I could,” Jess said.

The Veronicas: Blood is for Life airs a new episode every Sunday at 6pm on MTV

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