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Ukraine figures more than 440 bodies found in Izium


Several of the bodies have their hands tied behind their backs, according to local authorities.

AI regrets that the discovery confirms its “darkest fears” and asks for resources for Ukraine to advance investigations

MADRID, 16 (Moose Gazette)

The Government of Ukraine has assured that the military have located more than 440 bodies after recovering from the town of Izium, located in the Kharkov region and controlled until last week by Russian troops.

The Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelenski, had already warned of the discovery of several mass graves and has equated the Izium case with those of Bucha or Mariupol, accusing Russia of “leaving death everywhere”.

“Russia is a terrorist country. Why is the world slow to recognize this fact? We liberated Izium and discovered more than 400 graves in the forest next door. The number of tortured Ukrainians buried there is currently unknown,” the president said in a statement. a post on Twitter.

A spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior, Anton Gerashchenko, has stated that more than 400 bodies have appeared in a wooded area alone, which will be exhumed in order to be able to identify them and, if necessary, purge responsibilities.

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Likewise, another 47 bodies have been located in the rubble of a three-story building that is in ruins, supposedly due to a Russian bombardment. Gerashchenko has pointed out that several residential buildings have been completely destroyed, according to the UNIAN news agency.

In fact, he estimates that the final death toll, once the debris is finished, could be close to a thousand, which would mean “double that of Bucha.”

The commissioner for Human Rights in the Ukrainian Parliament, Dimitro Lubinets, has pointed out in a message on his account on the social network Facebook that the Russian forces “have destroyed more than 70 percent of the buildings” in Izium.


The governor of Kharkov, Oleg Sinegubov, has assured that 99 percent of the bodies exhumed after the location of the graves show signs of a violent death, evidence of the “genocide” that would be committed against the Ukrainian population.

Sinegubov has stated in a message on Telegram that some of the bodies have their hands tied behind their backs and, in one of the cases, a rope around their necks. He has assumed that the victims were tortured before they died.

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For her part, the director of Amnesty International for Eastern Europe, Marie Struthers, lamented that this discovery is confirmation of “the darkest fears” of the organization, which has already sounded the alarm about the fate of civilians in Izium during the Russian occupation.

“The people of Ukraine and the world deserve to know how exactly those buried in the forest near Izium have died. For every unlawful killing or other war crime, there must be justice and reparation for the victims and their families and a fair trial and surrender.” of accounts for the alleged perpetrators,” Struthers said, as reported by AI.

Finally, the organization has reiterated its call on the international community to provide Ukraine with “resources to help obtain evidence and carry out the necessary investigations into how these people died and who was responsible.”

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