Ubisoft shapes the future of Performance Capture in business entities


Back in 2012, Ubisoft opened the first 8 000 square foot office in Toronto, Canada. After eight years of developing creative and impactful games, Ubisoft became the trendy software developer. Just a week ago, the company opened the 12 000 square foot office in Toronto that is solely focused on performance capture. Digital gaming experts believe that Ubisoft is set to change the environment of video gaming for good, and 2020 will be the backbone year for changes.

Performance capture is another level of online gaming

Along with other companies, Ubisoft decided to focus more on performance capture. The quality of characters can be improved daily, but capturing the performance of characters could be a game-changer. Industry leaders believe that the soft Canadian approach to the gaming industry was the reason why Ubisoft decided to grow rapidly.

Ubisoft contributes a lot to Canadian economy just like casinos

Do you know that Ubisoft and few big companies in the video game development industry has contributed more than 4 billion dollars into Canada’s economy? It was a big surprise for industry leaders to see the growth of companies internationally. Company’s growth is inevitable, it will lead to a more significant share of the country’s economy.

The primary competition for Ubisoft was indeed the digital casino and slot venues. If you don’t know, Canadians adore playing online – Started from video games finished with digital slots. Keep in mind that digital slot companies have contributed up to 20 billion dollars to the country’s economy. A Twenty billion dollar contribution came not only from the local slot but also casino and horse racing venues.

Video game industry leaders believe that the creative approach of Ubisoft may show better results than online casinos and slots platforms in terms of contribution. Although the desire is big from Ubisoft and BioWave, online real money slots and casinos are doing better, and those platforms are expected to increase the contribution to the Canadian economy eventually.

Main competition is going between two big gaming industries. Casino venues are able to contribute four times more than video game developers. Experts believe that economy contribution from Canadian casinos will increase every year and it will be hard for video gaming developers to catch up. Keep in mind that along with Casino platforms, betting platforms have better results every year. Video game developers have to be more creative and adaptive to market’s new requests.

What can performance capture evolution deliver to the gaming industry?

General video games are not as popular as used to. We are in the third decade of the century, and gamers want to achieve something different. Performance capture evolution will be another hit for the I-gaming industry.

Tony Lomonaco is the director of the performance capture division of Ubisoft. He was happy to meet with journalists and talk about the evolution of I-gaming. Tony believes that thought leaders in the performance capture sector will be Ubisoft in two-three years.

Lomonaco noted that online gamers want to expect something different. Humankind has to go a long way till artificial intelligence is available through our everyday life. That’s why performance capture must be improved so that it felt like Artificial Intelligence.

Tony said that Ubisoft’s team would improve the capture motion not only for video games but also for online gambling. There are many digital games that you can find through Casino platforms. They will lead you to different plots and strategies. Along with video gaming, Tony believes that online gambling can use performance capture at the same level.

Another office in Toronto and happy employees from Canada

Lomonaco believes that the Canadian environment to digital gaming leads the company to success. Ubisoft was just a little company one decade ago, and if not the help from the country’s government, they could make it on the international stage. As of now, Tony says that Ubisoft is one of the giant players on the market, so that they have to focus more on performance, not on developing new games. Director of performance capture team noted that Ubisoft wants to change the I-gaming environment for good and make an impactful move in 2020.

Industry leaders believe that other Canadian companies may lead an example of Ubisoft. Performance capture will be a big hit for Canadian gaming developers in 2020. Without a doubt, it will take the industry of I-gaming to another level. Ubisoft representatives believe that the company can become a thought leader of the I-gaming space on an international scale.

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