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Toddler nearly dies after pulling steamer full of boiling water on himself


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A toddler suffered horrific injuries after accidentally pulling a vegetable steamer on top of himself, covering his body in litres of boiling water.

Dougie Dodd was left with third-degree burns to his face, neck, chest, hands and feet after the ‘freak accident’ in March.

The little boy, who was just one at the time, was rushed to hospital where he stayed for nearly two months fighting toxic shock syndrome, a potentially fatal result of infection.

His mum Nadia Hulse, 25, was cooking and video chatting with her mother when Dougie reached over the vegetable steamer, which held nine litres of boiling water and vegetables, with a wooden spoon.

Nadia, from Cannock, Staffordshire, told the Daily Mirror: ‘I was right next to Dougie when it happened. I shouted, “Dougie, no!” which startled him.

‘As he jumped back the handle of the spoon got caught on the wire and the vegetable steamer tipped over.’

She added: ‘I stripped Dougie and raced him upstairs into a cold bath but he was screaming hysterically and trying to out of the bath and on to me.’

An ambulance, called by Nadia’s mother who witnessed the terrifying ordeal on Facetime, rushed Dougie to Birmingham Children’s Hospital with burns covering half his body.

Doctors performed a skin grafting operation on him, taking skin from his thigh to cover his left wrist and chest.

Receptionist Nadia said she could not stop crying as doctors fought to stabilise her son’s ‘touch and go’ condition.

Things took a turn for the worse on 14 March when Dougie was diagnosed with toxic shock syndrome, causing his blood pressure to skyrocket, she said.

He required an oxygen mask to breathe and a blood trauma transfusion.

Following the transfusion, he started to show signs of recovery and was finally discharged on 8 April.

The now two-year-old still needs to wear a compression vest at night to attempt to reduce scarring seven months after the incident.

His mum feels guilt over the accident though she says that it hasn’t changed the little boy’s sunny disposition.

Nadia said she worries about her ‘brave’ son growing up with scars but tries to reassure him he is still beautiful.

She said: ‘Dougie is such a happy, lively little boy and has not changed his outgoing personality one bit, but I still feel guilt.

‘I know it was a freak accident and the only thing I could have done differently was to not let him play with the saucepans, but I wish I could turn back time and get his cars out for him to play with instead.

‘It still breaks my heart to think about it which I do everyday and to see the pictures of him in the hospital.

‘I’m just so grateful for the hospitals fantastic work and that he’s ok – they worked so hard and saved his life.’


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