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Timbaland opens up about addiction struggles as he reveals 130lbs weight loss transformation


Timbaland has opened up about his weight loss journey, after dropping more than 130lbs.

The producer has been working on his transformation since 2016, following a battle with addiction and financial troubles.

And the 47-year-old hinted his struggles were a form of karma, as he didn’t ‘appreciate’ any of his success and hard work, feeling it came ‘a little too easy’ to him.

The music icon has worked with some of the biggest names in music – including Kanye West, Aliyah and Katy Perry – and began a professional relationship with Missy Elliott soon after leaving high school.

To keep up with his success, he would often spend countless hours in the studio, surviving on a diet of junk food.

As well as this, he started abusing painkillers Oxycotin and Percocet after undergoing a root canal procedure in 2011, which sparked an addiction to pills.

His personal life also began falling apart, divorcing his wife two years later, and then being slapped with a $4million (£3.07m) tax lien from the IRS – something he blamed on his addiction.

Speaking candidly about his relationship with the painkillers, he told Men’s Health they made him feel safe.

‘It put me in a great feeling of not caring, of just being free,’ he said. ‘I’m like travelling, doing shows, popping ’em, having fun, just being ignorant.’

Timbaland – real name Timothy Mosley – doesn’t remember exactly how many pills he was taking a day, explaining it was ‘way over the limit’. He then began gaining weight, developing prediabetes.

It was thanks to his three children, daughter Reign and two sons – Frankie and Demetrius – that he decided to save himself and go cold turkey with the painkillers, recalling a ‘bright light going in’ on his brain.

‘One of the toughest things I’ve been through,’ he continued. ‘The only things that got me through it were my kids, my girl, the help of God keeping my mind still.’

The Promiscuous Girl star also decided to get fit at the same time as kicking his addiction, taking up boxing classes at Punch Elite Fitness in Miami.

When he began his journey, he was at 350lbs (25 stone), but through twice-daily workouts and fitness sessions, he has managed to shed 130lbs.

And he isn’t about to stop there, telling the publication he wants to ‘look like an action figure’.

We absolutely would not put it past him.

‘God has me under construction, which I’m still under,’ he added.

‘I don’t feel like I’m complete. I don’t want to ever feel like I’m complete, ’cause my mind would probably get idle.’

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