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This Week on HBO Max: September 5-11, 2022


The last and next weeks in hbo max have been and will be marked by The House of the Dragon, the first Game of Thrones spin-off that is causing a stir among fans of the universe created by George RR Martin. However, the video on demand platform also has other interesting releases ahead. Today, in that sense, we tell you everything that is new this week on HBO Max, which runs from September 5 to 11, 2022 and that adds seven novelties, with great emphasis on catalog cinema. We recommend two of the premieres before giving way to the complete list of the next seven days.

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Rick and Morty (Season 6 Part 1) – September 5

Animation fans have a lot to celebrate this week on HBO Max. And it is that one of the series of adult animation most popular and successful of recent times is back this week. We are talking about Rick and Morty, which begins its sixth season with its first part, where the crazy scientist Rick and his apprentice Morty continue to test the laws of physics and our lung capacity.

Doraemon – September 11

This week on HBO Max: September 5-11, 2022 1

Few more iconic animes have existed outside the borders of Japan than Doraemon, the cosmic cat, which came from the future to help Nobita Nobi in his day to day with all kinds of inventions out of the most convoluted science fiction. Now the series comes to HBO Max to the delight of fans of this always fun story and also so that new users can get into it from scratch.

This is the family tree of the Targaryens in The House of the Dragon

All the premieres this week on HBO Max

  • Rick and Morty S6 P1 (05/09)
  • Wonder (09/09)
  • 1408 (09/10)
  • Hell Possession (09/10)
  • Laughing dead (09/10)
  • Asterix and Obelix: Cleopatra Mission (09/10)
  • Doraemon (11/09)
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This week on HBO Max: September 5-11, 2022 2

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