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This is Silt, the indie game that reminds Limbo and that arrives in June


A new Indie World event took place yesterday that, as usual, focused on upcoming independent releases for Nintendo. However, many of them also reach other platforms and that is the case we are talking about today. Specifically, we are referring to silence, a title developed by the British studio Spiral Circus and that was presented in society just a few hours ago, generating great fury among the spectators of the aforementioned event. The indie game, reminiscent of Limbo for its aesthetics black and whitearrives in June and then you can see its first trailer.

“Dive into the harrowing ocean abyss of Silt and unravel forgotten mysteries long time ago. Explore the dangerous waters, possess sea creatures and solve puzzles to go deeper into the darkness ”, reads the description of the trailer that you can see just above these lines. Silt seems to mix two concepts that are reminiscent of previous indies. The aforementioned dark and creepy Limbo aestheticwith which he shares the artistic decision of black and white, and the underwater approach and possession of aquatic creatures of Abzu. Be that as it may, what is clear is that Silt could be one of the underdogs of the year, at least for fans of exploration and puzzle indies.

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As Spiral Circus has announced on its official Twitter account, Silt will arrive next and imminent June 1 to Xbox, as well as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and PC. While we wait for the couple of weeks that remain until its launch, we will continue to contemplate the beauty of its visual section, made with hand drawn drawingswhich gives the work an even more artisanal character, if possible.

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