Home Video Games They filter a Diablo IV gameplay of almost 50 minutes

They filter a Diablo IV gameplay of almost 50 minutes


The fourth installment of the Diablo series seems to be on the right track, especially given the good results that the internal alpha of the game would be offering, in which the majority of feedback that has been offered by those who have tried it has been positive. In fact, precisely because of the intern alpha now Diablo IV gameplay nearly 50 minutes long has been leaked.

If you do not remember, several images and information about the title were leaked precisely at the beginning of last month, and now it seems that leaked Diablo IV gameplay could come from the same sourcesince some of the captures that we could see fully coincide with what is seen in the videos.

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They filter a Diablo IV gameplay of almost 50 minutes

Although at first the gameplay of Diablo IV was uploaded to YouTube, it seems that the claim for rights would have caused the video to disappear from the platform. However, a user has uploaded 2 videos of the game through this link, in which we can see first a gameplay of 5 minutes and another of 38 minutesoffering us a total of 43 minutes of duration.

Diablo IV’s Necromancer Class Gets New Gameplay

In the Diablo IV gameplay we can take a brief look at some of the classes that will be in the game, as well as the skills and weapons that will be available. In addition, we can also see one of the users scrolling the map. We also see how the player faces several enemies at the same time, where the brutality of the melee attacks offered by the character he controls is evident.

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As expected being an alpha, we can see that the game is far from being in its final stage, especially when it comes to textures. The walls, bridges, and descents are currently untextured, showing that Activision Blizzard will still be working hard on the art side of the title.

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