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These are all the features of GTA VI according to the latest big leak of the game


It is worrying what has happened with Rockstar, but it has also shown us what could be the characteristics of GTA VI in terms of gameplay. The next installment in Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series could be one of the most anticipated video games out there. This leak has ended up being confirmed by Rockstar himself which ensures crisis in the company. The piece of information was discovered via a GTAForums post from the hacker himself.

Interestingly, the hacker, who calls himself “teapotuberhacker” on GTAForums, also claims to be responsible for the recent Uber hack, saying he got the video by accessing a Rockstar employee’s Slack account, which is the same modus operandi. of Uber’s massive breach. The consequences of this we will see in the future with a possible delay of the game to many years. In the meantime, we at least have a rundown of some of GTA VI’s features.

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Characteristics of GTA VI according to the leak.

The Leaked snippets show off some pretty eye-catching GTA VI features. For example, there will be 2 main characters: male and female. The woman’s name is Lucia. It is also clear that, as expected, the game will revolve around robberies and robberies (both characters can be seen robbing a store. Some believe that there could be cooperative online play. In addition, there would be stealth mechanics. Something curious is that The clothes will have physics, which will give more realism.

Will the massive leak of GTA VI affect the development of the game?

Among other things, you will be able to have a limited amount of weapons, leave a weapon and choose a new one, rob stores and containers on the docks (they can contain vehicles, weapons, money, etc.), shoot while swimming, use the Vice City subway to move around the city, transport corpses, move and shoot while crouched, move while prone. One of the most striking features of GA VI is that you will have more driving options: you can sit back and shoot from the passenger window or cargo bed.

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Cars in general look much more interactive as you can apparently adjust the armrest, open the glove box, adjust the position of the seat, the rearview mirror, etc. The game is known to still use the Euphoria physics engineand that as expected the police will be much smarter during firefights.

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