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‘The Voice’: Katie Kadan Reveals How John Legend Helped Her Become The ‘Best Artist’ She Can


Exclusive Interview

Katie Kadan is being mentored by one of the best in the biz on season 17 of ‘The Voice’ — John Legend! In this EXCLUSIVE interview, she dished all about how special it is to work with the EGOT winner.

John Legend was the lucky coach to be chosen by Katie Kadan after she turned all four chairs during the blind auditions on season 17 of The Voice. Since then, she’s continued to slay performance after performance, earning herself a spot in the top 10 and becoming a frontrunner to win the show. “John makes things every easy so you can trust yourself as an artist,” Katie told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “He really makes me trust my abilities when, at first, I might not. He knows how to tap into that part of you to make you the best artist you can be.”

Along with sharing her powerful voice with the world, Katie has also been an advocate for confidence and body positivity on the show. She’s opened up about her years of insecurities, as well as how she overcame them to become a confident performer. This has helped Katie connect to viewers on a deeper level, and she admitted that she’s been flooded with messages on Twitter and Instagram from fans who have been inspired by her story.

“I feel I have done my job if people who have been inspired by my story start to talk about it more and do something about it,” Katie explained. “It can be scary to be vulnerable and to put yourself out there and talk about your insecurities and to work through that whole process and to have people reach out and say they feel more brave because they watch my story. It makes them want to stick it out and makes them want to change things up. If it makes people want to say they like themselves more, that’s awesome. If I can make people feel better…that’s wonderful.” 

During the Dec. 3 episode of The Voice, Katie will find out if she has been voted through to the semifinals (top 8). Those eight singers who make it through will perform live on Dec. 9 for their shot at making it to the Dec. 16 finals!


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