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The United States praises the advance of Ukrainian troops in the northeast of the country


MADRID, Sep. 13 (Moose Gazette) –

The Secretary of State of the United States, Antony Blinken, praised this Monday the advances of the Ukrainian troops in the northeast of the country that have forced the withdrawal of the Russian forces.

“Clearly we have seen a significant advance by the Ukrainians, particularly in the northeast,” Blinken detailed during a press conference, according to a statement from the State Department.

Blinken has maintained that Ukraine’s results on the front with Russia are the product of the support provided by the United States and Western allies, although he has described “the extraordinary courage and resistance of the Ukrainians” as the “biggest factor that makes the difference”.

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“Ukraine is fighting for its homeland, for its future. The Russians who are there are not. Ukraine does not belong to them and Ukraine does not belong to Russia. It belongs to the Ukrainian people, and that is the biggest factor that makes the difference, as I have said, from what we are seeing now”, added the Secretary of State.

However, Blinken has stressed that it is “too early” to predict “where this is going”. “The Russians maintain very large forces in Ukraine, as well as equipment, weapons and ammunition,” he warned.

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The Secretary of State has asserted that Russian troops use their entire arsenal indiscriminately and not only against the Ukrainian Armed Forces — but also against civilians and civilian infrastructure.

For this reason, the United States, along with other countries, have assured that they will continue to do “whatever is necessary” to support Ukraine, according to Blinken.

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