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The Twenty-seven agree to impose new sanctions against Russia in response to Putin’s maneuvers


The Foreign Minister of Ukraine, Dimitro Kuleba, and the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, during the meeting with the Foreign Ministers of the 27 EU member countries – SEAS

BRUSSELS, 22 (Moose Gazette)

The Foreign Ministers of the Twenty-seven have agreed in the early hours of this Thursday to impose new sanctions against Russia after the new escalation of tensions in the war in Ukraine, with the announcement of the partial mobilization of the population, nuclear threats and referendums in the Donestk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia regions.

“Additional sanctions against Russia will be put on the table immediately, as soon as possible, in coordination with our partners (…) we will study and adopt new restrictive measures, both individual and sectoral,” confirmed the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy. , Josep Borrell, at a press conference after the extraordinary meeting of the bloc’s foreign ministers on the margins of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

As detailed, the new package of sanctions will affect Russian economic sectors such as technology and will expand the European ‘black list’ of people who have their assets frozen in the EU and are prohibited from entering the Union.

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In any case, it will now be the job of the EU Council to define the new measures and proceed with their formal adoption at a meeting at the level of the Twenty-seven. “A few hours after Putin’s speech, it was about sending a powerful political message: this was the purpose of the Council meeting,” said Borrell.


The EU’s response comes after the upsurge in tension with Russia after Moscow’s announcement that it will call up 300,000 reservists in the war in Ukraine, in addition to raising the threat of a nuclear attack against the West. “It is very cynical and surprising to hear these threats during the week in which the world community at the United Nations works together to build peace and progress,” he said.

For the head of European diplomacy, the mention of nuclear weapons represents an “irresponsible” attempt to undermine Europe’s support for Ukraine and endangers world peace “on an unprecedented scale”. “It will not affect our determination, our unity to support Ukraine and our full support for Ukraine’s ability to defend its territorial integrity and sovereignty, as long as necessary,” he replied.

In a statement by the High Representative on behalf of the Twenty-seven, the EU has recognized that kyiv is exercising the right to self-defense and fighting to regain control of its territories in the war it is waging against Russia. “It has the right to liberate occupied areas within the framework of internationally recognized borders,” the statement said.

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In this sense, the Member States “salute” the courage and success of the Ukrainian forces in their counter-offensive and undertake to continue supporting kyiv through the supply of military equipment “as long as necessary”.

Russia has chosen “the path of confrontation” by announcing a partial mobilization in Russia, by supporting the organization of “illegal referendums” in the Ukrainian territories currently “occupied” by Russia and by again threatening the use of weapons of mass destruction, notes the High Representative’s statement.

The Twenty-seven regret that, in addition to the “immense suffering” caused by the Russian aggression to the Ukrainian people, Moscow has “chose to further spread” the cost of the war also for the Russian population through partial mobilization.

The highest representative of European diplomacy has called an emergency meeting of the EU foreign ministers in New York, within the framework of the UN General Assembly, after Russia has announced the “partial mobilization” of its reservists .


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