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The new Splinter Cell will adapt a story for modern audiences


During the past month of December, Ubisoft confirmed a news that many users had been waiting for years, and is that Ubisoft Toronto is working on a new Splinter Cellthe stealth action game franchise that hit the market in 2002 exclusively for the first Xbox.

As we know from the information shared by the company, the title will be developed with the Snowdrop engine, which currently uses The Division saga and will soon use Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. And now, after several months without news, we have learned that Ubisoft is looking for a writer who is capable of offer a story adapted to the modern audience with the new Splinter Cell.

Ubisoft offers an update to the remake of Splinter Cell

As we will know if we have played any of the previous Splinter Cell games, the franchise focuses on the story of Sam Fisher, a secret operations agent for the United States National Security Agency who must try to maintain world order against terrorism cybernetic and international tensions that can trigger a new World War.

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Now it only remains to wait for Ubisoft to offer more information about this new Splinter Cellalthough considering the screenwriter search process that is open, it is possible that there is still quite a lot left.

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