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The leak of GTA VI corresponds to the version of a console of the last generation


Yesterday was, without a doubt, in which we have been able to learn more about GTA VI since the development of the title was confirmed. A user, whose identity is still unknown, leaked GTA VI, revealing a multitude of content from what will be the next installment of the most successful franchise in the industry.

In addition to being able to learn various playable details of the title, we have also been able to take a look at what GTA VI looks like right now, thanks to several clips that the user uploaded to the network, in which we can see the title in motion in a clearly initial state In its development. Nevertheless, many wondered if this GTA VI leak was for the next-gen versionand it seems that we already have an answer.

The leak of GTA VI corresponds to the version of a console of the last generation

As pointed out Roberto Serranoa known insider, it seems that the leak of GTA VI corresponds to a build developed on PS4which would not only have confirmed the future arrival of the game on last generation consoles, but would also serve to make us think that the Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5 version will have a graphic section superior to that seen in the build.

The hacker who has leaked the information of GTA VI would be trying to blackmail Rockstar Games

Even though there were many elements that lacked textures or other fundamental elements, lhe leak of GTA VI gave us an idea of ​​what the game looked like at the time the build was carried out (which they say could even have 3 years behind it).

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Furthermore, Serrano points out that when this build was made, possibly Rockstar Games did not have the development kits for PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X | S, which is why it would have been developed on PS4. Now, once Take-Two has confirmed that the GTA VI leak is real, we can only wait for the company itself to officially show the title.

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