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The creator of Silent Hill praises the sales achieved by Resident Evil 4


Shinji Mikami, creator of Resident Evil, has visited Bokeh Game Studio, where he has had a very interesting conversation with Keiichiro Toyama, creator of well-known sagas such as Silent Hill or Siren. In it, the two producers have given the most interesting details regarding their origins in video game development and also some clues about their most iconic sagas. Toyama has not had any qualms about confessing that Silent Hill was inspired to a certain extent by Resident Evil, a game that delighted the Konami team, while Mikami has commented, as on so many other occasions, that he wanted to create a game that truly gave scared of players

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The creator of Silent Hill praises the sales achieved by Resident Evil 4

However, Resident Evil 4 was the game that managed to change the direction of the saga and Toyama, creator of Silent Hill, has not been slow to praise the game’s sales success. As he comments at the meeting, Resident Evil 4 went on sale practically at the same time as Forbidden Siren, the other great Keiichiro Toyama saga. However, the sales figures only accompanied Resident Evil 4, as Siren did not achieve the expected success.

It is Mikami himself who gives the keys to understanding this situation: while Siren belongs to the spiritual survival horror genre, one of many that does not reach the large number of players, Resident Evil 4 turned towards action, consecrating itself among the majority public. And yet, Mikami confesses that, despite the success, it is the game that includes “the least part of it”.

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Luckily, Toyama has always been and continues to be very grateful to his fans, who have supported him in all his projects. And he hopes that with Bokeh Game Studio, fans can continue to enjoy his stories. The first one will be Slitterhead, whose release date we still don’t know.

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