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The Bully remaster would be in development and this would be its release year


The great franchises of Rockstar Games are destined to continue to reap great successes over the next few years in the company of the new generation of consoles and PCs. At the moment, Rockstar already has the development of GTA VI officially in hand and the remakes of Max Payne 1 and 2but other big projects could be cooking in secret, since a few hours ago, thanks to an insider, we learned that the Bully remaster would be in development, with a launch not too far away.

Although the well-known BOCOBOCACOwho a few days ago revealed that the remaster/remake of Red Dead Redemption would be in developmentwith a release scheduled for sometime in 2023, has now surprised us all by commenting via Twitter that a Bully remake / remaster would be in development, with a release for 2024. If we do some memory, at the end of last year it was leaked that the Bully 2 announcement was initially scheduled for The Game Awards 2021, but that the information about that sequel was not very clear.

Rockstar Games would have set a new internal release date for GTA VI

Months after said leak, journalist Jason Schreier commented through Rockstar Mag that nothing indicates that Bully 2 is in development, but that Henderson’s leak would actually lead to a remaster of Bully, which they have leaked again a few hours ago with release date throughout 2024. You already know that none of this is official, so it will have to be treated with care, until Rockstar Games confirms or denies it.

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