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The best Xbox sellers in Eneba and free shipping this week!


Xbox has been gaining a lot of relevance in recent years due to its great management with products such as Xbox GamePass or the Xbox Series family, not only reinforcing its community of players inherited from previous generations, but also attracting new players from other platforms who are dissatisfied with some of the latest news such as the PlayStation 5 price increase. Proof of this can be seen in the sales that have been carried out, therefore, next, we will show you xbox best seller in Eneba.

Top of the best sellers of Xbox: Games and prepaid cards in Eneba

The Eneba marketplace has had constant users looking for a second-hand Xbox Series X, although in the second-hand marketplace there are many options in games and prepaid cards that can serve you. Among the most outstanding that have been sold more frequently in Eneba, we can highlight the following:

These are just some of the games and cards that are among best sellers. If you want to know the rest of them, you can access the store and find one that suits your tastes and needs.

These are the games that arrive on Xbox next week (September 12 to 16)

The best sellers of Xbox in Eneba in games and physical consoles

Eneba has been characterized as a website where you can sell your games anytime. Also, you can sell that console or that Xbox One S Controller that you no longer use. In this sense, the main best-selling items and their average Xbox prices in Eneba are the following:

  • Xbox Series S: €188
  • Xbox Series X 1TB: €456
  • Xbox One X 1TB: €152.33
  • Xbox One S 500GB: €97.50
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If you want to know other consoles, which are for sale in Eneba, just click here. Of course, you must hurry to buy them before they are sold to someone else.

Physical games:

  • Elden Ring Launch Edition Xbox Series: €42.50
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 Xbox One: €13.24
  • The Witcher 3 GOTY Xbox One: €13.13

This is the list of physical games for Xbox Series and Xbox One, where some buyers consider these consoles and physical games interesting.

The best Xbox sellers in Eneba and free shipping this week!  twoJan

Free shipping in Eneba this week!

It is worth noting that from 12 to 16, free shipments will be made in Eneba. Regardless of the type of physical products you decide to purchase: games, consoles, computers and any other gaming element.

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This is a unique opportunity to buy and sell faster. For example, you can take advantage of selling your old Fifa and with that money buy FIFA Points from Fifa 23 and be ready at the time of its launch, as this is one of the most requested games in the month of September and its Ultimate Team mode, provides more hours of fun.

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