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Take-Two Interactive reveals the pharaonic number of sales of GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2


Take-Two Interactive It is the parent company of large developers such as Rockstar Games or 2K Games, among many others. Although, with just the two mentioned developers, we have a huge number of excellent and very successful titles that have brought great economic benefits both in the short and long term. One of the clear examples of games that sell millions of copies would be Grand Theft Auto V, which continues to lead the list of best-selling games from its launch in 2013 for Xbox 360, its improved version for Xbox One and the next-gen edition for Xbox Series X|S.

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While, thanks to the recent earnings call, we have learned new official information about GTA VI, but beyond that, Take-Two Interactive has also revealed the Pharaonic number of sales of GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2. For the part that touches on the title starring Arthur Morgan, the 68 million copies worldwidethus being the second best-selling game in the United States for the last five years.

Take-Two Interactive confirms that the development of GTA VI is well advanced

How could it be otherwise, the GTA V sales number makes this great game to be placed in first position, which has already achieved the 170 million copies sold worldwide since its release in 2013. Now, with the development of GTA VI well advanced and a possible release between March 2023 and April 2024, we have no doubt that the highly anticipated sixth installment will break all records in the future, since that CEO Strauss Zelnick has stated that GTA VI will be a benchmark for the saga and the video game industry.

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GTA V sales number

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