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Super Singer 7 winner: Punya or Murugan? Here is the answer

Super Singer 7 Result and Winner

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Who will be the winner of Vijay TV’s Super Singer 7? This is the one question that is running in the minds of every fan of the popular reality show. This season, Sam-Vishal, Murugan, Punya, Vikram and Gowtham are competing for the coveted trophy along with a property worth Rs 50 lakh.

What audience say?

The regular viewers of the show say that the real fight is between Punya and Murugan. The representative from the International Business Times randomly spoke with the fans of Super Singer to know their views and here is what they say:

Raksha, Coimbatore: According to me, Punya should be the winner of Super Singer 7. She has been a good entertainer. We have enjoyed her singing a lot. She is an allrounder who can sing any kind of number which makes her favourite to win the trophy.

Varada, Bangalore: My fingers are crossed, but my vote is for Murugan. Without a proper background, he has managed to enter till here. I have become a fan of his old songs.

Sumanth, Chennai:  I believe Punya would to win the trophy. Though Murugan is popular among rural and masses, she deserves to be the winner purely if you take singing abilities into the consideration, but we cannot predict anything as the winners are decided based on the public votes and he might, like Senthil Ganesh last season, emerge victorious.

Subramaniam:  I think all the five finalists are talented, but the fight is predominatly among Punya, Murugan and Sam-Vishal. My vote is for Punya, but Vijay TV has often produced surprising results. Let’s see what happens.

What online polls say?

The online polls in different websites have produced mixed results. While some claim Murugan to be the winner, others say Punya would emerge victorious.

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Who are unlikely to win?

Going by the response online, Gowtham and Vikram have no chance of lifting the trophy with some some polls predicting Sam-Vishal ending up as the runner-up.


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