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Super Singer 7 Finale Vote Online – Who will win Super Singer 7, Vote here


super singer 7 voting

Super Singer 7 Tamil has reached the final stages and the finale is just a week away on Sunday 10th November 2019 live from coimbatore. Super Singer 7 has five singers for finalists and they’re all well liked by audience and have reached this stage after winning so many votes from audiences. Now they again need audience support to win Super Singer Title and here are the Top five finalists of Super singer 7

  • Gowtham
  • Murugan
  • Punya
  • Sam-Vishal
  • Vikram

Super Singer 7 Voting Online

Go to google.com and search Super singer Vote and you can vote for your favourite contestants 50 votes. Make sure to sign into google to vote. Also voting is open till Sunday 8PM.

Alternatively vote in our voting poll to get results on who will win the Super Singer 7 finals

Vote and save your favourite contestants


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