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Suns owner’s resignation requested


This Thursday, a vice-president of the Phoenix Suns called for the resignation of Robert Sarver, owner of the NBA franchise, suspended for one year for racist and misogynistic behavior.

Robert Sarver is in turmoil. The owner of the Phoenix Suns was recently suspended for a period of one year, due to racist but also misogynistic behavior. A behavior that therefore necessarily makes people talk, especially internally. Indeed, Jahm Najafi, Iranian-American billionaire businessman, who is none other than the vice-president of this same NBA franchise and who owns shares in this team, with even the second largest participation, has expressed, on this subject, no later than this Thursday, even being particularly direct. Insofar as he simply asked for the resignation of the principal concernedin an open letter obtained by thearizona republic and relayed byAFP “I cannot, in good faith, sit idly by and let our children and future generations of fans think that this behavior is condoned because of wealth and privilege. Therefore, in keeping with my commitment to help eradicate all forms of racism, sexism and bias, as Vice President of the Phoenix Suns, I call for the resignation of Robert Sarver. While I have no interest in becoming the majority partner, I will work tirelessly to ensure that the next team steward treats all stakeholders with dignity, professionalism and respect. »

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James and Paul had also stepped up

Before him, others had already spoken on the same subject. At the announcement of this sanction from the prestigious Basketball League, several voices were then raised. Stars of the discipline such as, for example, LeBron James or even Chris Paul, resident of this famous Phoenix Suns franchise based in the State of Arizona in the United States, had thus expressed themselves, indicating that, according to them, this famous sanction was, quite simply, insufficient.

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