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Stromae papa: his son, adorable little blond, is already 4 years old!


They are used to keeping their garden a secret to themselves, but the occasion was too good. On Thursday, September 22, 2022, the little boy of Stromae and his wife Coralie Barbier celebrated a very important event… which made his mother want to speak on social networks to tell him all his love. This is how she shared, on her Instagram account, a photograph of the child from behind, passionately watching the rain and the good weather through the window. “The rainbow of our life is youshe wrote. Happy birthday my little heart of infinity.

Stromae and Coralie Barbier were married on December 12, 2015 at Martin’s Patershof, Mechelen, Belgium. In September 2018, their life took a new turn with the birth of a little boy who is celebrating his 4th birthday today. Time passes but the mystery nevertheless remains intact. In the space of 48 months, his parents have not revealed his face … not even his first name! We just know that the boy inherited the incredible aesthetics of his parents and that he has blond hair.

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The singer was able to attend his son’s birthday, and it’s a chance! After taking advantage of a few days of vacation in Portugal, and having ignited the scene of the Festival Rock en Seine, at the Domaine de Saint Cloud, then that of the Superbloom Festival in Munich, Stromae will continue its tour Multitude Tower across the globe. First in North America, then in Europe. But he kept a break between these few musical interventions since he will hit the road again on October 21, the date of his concert in Vancouver, Canada. Fortunately, Coralie will be there to take care of their child, unless the artist takes his wife and son with him. After all, the couple has a habit of collaborating. They had notably created Mosaert together, at the time of the album Square roota creative label including a line of unisex clothing.

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