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STALKER 2 could arrive as early access


The return of the STALKER franchise was one of the great announcements that Microsoft made a few years ago, with the confirmation that the second numbered installment of the franchise would not only reach Xbox consoles, but would also launch on Xbox Game Pass. Although the title was planned to arrive this year, the Ukraine war caused an indefinite delay until 2023although now there seems to be an important novelty in this regard.

As has been known thanks to the description of the game in its different editions through the Humble Bundle page, STALKER 2 could arrive as early accesswhich would possibly mean an earlier release than what we could expect if it arrived in its final version.

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STALKER 2 could arrive as early access

As we can read in the description of the title, “At this time, this Steam Early Access game is an unfinished game and may or may not change significantly during its development. For more information on Steam Early Access, visit the Steam Early Access FAQ.»

Leaked gameplay of a version of STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl for consoles

This has caused that communities like Reddit have begun to debate the possibility that STALKER 2 could arrive as early access. However, there is also another possibility, and that is that the Humble Bundle page incorrectly stated this message in the description of the game.

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For now, the only thing we know for sure is that Microsoft has begun to return the money paid for the reservations, something that the developers have already talked about, since they have confirmed that it is because those from Redmond return the money from all those reservations that do not have a specific release date. Now we just have to wait to find out if the game will finally arrive in a full version or as early access.

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