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Square Enix Joins Oasys, Continues Big Bet on Blockchain


Square Enix is one of the best-known video game developers who are strongly committed to blockchain technology. In January, the company’s president, Yosuke Matsuda, stated in his “New Year’s letter” that technology would be a strategic and important issue for the company in the coming years. this is how it is now Square Enix joins Oasys to become a node validator on the upcoming blockchain of the same name.

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By now, everyone may be wondering what Square Enix is ​​doing, to which the company answers in more detail that a node validator stores a copy of the blockchain and performs other functions that aim to keep the system secure. . So we can conclude that, Square Enix is ​​looking for a high security digital system.

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Square Enix joins Oasys

It was also disclosed that Square will work with Oasys to explore the feasibility of leveraging player contributions in the development of new games based on the Oasys blockchain. The publisher established a Blockchain Entertainment Business division in April and said in May, just after selling its Western studios and its intellectual property to Embracer, that it was “speeding up” your investment in your ‘focus fields‘, which include blockchain as well as AI and cloud-based services.

Square Enix fans are not very happy with the direction the company is taking. Although it is known that all their movements are with the sole objective of earning more money each time, since they are a company and the vast majority of them all seek the same thing, the perception of the players of yesteryear does not allow us to see clearly what Square Enix’s intentions are and how this could affect the products we love so much.

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Square Enix joins Oasys

However, other publishers have been providing quality products such as Atlus Y bandai namco regarding the JRPGs during these last years, and It would not be unusual for any other company to become more relevant in the Japanese gaming sector encompassed by Square Enix.

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