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Sonic 3 confirms theatrical release date


Sonic 3 has already confirmed when it will be released. The production of Paramount and SEGA has marked the date of December 20, 2024 as the day of its release. The success of the first two blue hedgehog movies have made this third installment inevitable. Between the two Sonic movies have raised more than 700 million dollars. At the moment not many details are known about what we can see in this new Sonic the Hedgehog feature film.

SEGA and Paramount know what they have under their arms the goose that lays the golden eggs as far as adaptation of videogames to cinema is concerned. Sonic’s success on the big screen is overwhelming and is unmatched by other adaptations in the video game industry. This success has pushed SEGA to allow more movies to be made now. try to take advantage of the pull of the movies by releasing new games from sonic. Sonic Frontiers is the clearest case and is one of the most ambitious projects of the SEGA IP in recent years.

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Sonic 3 confirms release date for 2024

The announcement of the release date has been through the official Twitter account of the films. A few months after the premiere of Sonic 2, the third movie is already confirmed and promises us more adventures set in the world of SEGA’s IP. December 2024 is still a long way off, but as the months go by, the hype for the new film will increase.

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Sonic 3 has the difficult ballot to live up to its two previous films. The formula for success seems to be simple and success seems to be assured looking at the antecedents. The Sonic universe is vast and there are still plenty of iconic characters and locations to recreate on the big screen.

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