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So you can use Nvidia DLSS in Judgment and Lost Judgment thanks to a mod


Although it seemed like the time might never come, Judgment and Lost Judgment have finally arrived on PC. The version for compatible seems to be the most elaborated, with an outstanding AMD FSR supportAMD’s image reconstruction technology, which has improved by leaps and bounds in recent times.

Despite this, Nvidia has considerably more advanced technology, which unfortunately has not received official support from the development team, but we have good news, since now using Nvidia DLSS in Judgment thanks to a modand we will explain how to do it.

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So you can use Nvidia DLSS in Judgment and Lost Judgment thanks to a mod

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This mod has been developed by PotatoOfDoom1337, and can be downloaded through the Nexus Mods portal. The instructions to make it work are the following:

How to use:
* Set the game’s FSR 2.0 preset to your preferred DLSS settings. (All DLSS presets correspond 1:1 to FSR 2.0 presets)

* Extract the files so that all the DLL files (ffx_fsr2_api_x64.dll, FSR2DLSS_Loader.asi, nvngx_dlss.dll, and winmm.dll) are in the same folder as the Judgment.exe file.

* Remove all added DLL files

Known issues:
* Changing resolution or DLSS mode unfortunately breaks this mod. So always change the resolution before enabling this mod. If you accidentally change the resolution afterwards, you will need to restart the game to continue playing.

Without a doubt, this is another situation where modders demonstrate the ability of the community to improve the PC version of any title. Judgment and Lost Judgment are now available on Steam.

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