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Shannon Briggs slams KSI’s ‘disgusting’ win and sends message to Viddal Riley


Shannon Briggs has slammed the refereeing in KSI’s victory over Logan Paul at the Staples Center on Saturday night, while he drew a line under his feud with Viddal Riley.

KSI took a split-decision victory, though the fight was not without controversy with Paul docked two points by experienced referee Jack Reiss for hitting KSI in the back of the head after knocking him to the canvass.

That proved decisive, with KSI winning by just a single point on one of the judge’s scorecards, and Briggs was furious afterwards.

Asked about the fight, he told reporters: ‘I thought he did great, but the referee shagged us with the two points.

‘That hurt us, that hurt our momentum, gave KSI a break. Jack was out of pocket for that one. It changed everything. [Logan] would have won.’

He continued to IFL TV: ‘I thought Logan started slow, but he got to work, he dropped him, he was the better boxer, the better technique. He was just under the weather. I thought he won the fight.

‘Those two points were disgusting. I don’t know what the hell happened. I don’t know what got in to Jack to take two points. The guy had 30 minutes to recover.

‘He was dirty, he was swinging wild, hitting my man in the back of the head all the time. And yet Jack thought [Logan] was being dirty, that’s not right. I smell a rat. Let’s go champ.’

Briggs’ bitter rivalry with KSI’s coach Viddal threatened to overshadow the fight, with the two clashing repeatedly in the build-up, but he says their feud is now water under the bridge.

He added: ‘Yeah it’s cool, it’s cool. Viddal’s a good kid, he’s going to be a good fighter in the future. I’m looking forward to watching his career. Let’s go champ.’

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