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Sergio Ramos: Spectacular head change for the PSG star!


Sergio Ramos is one of those footballers as famous for their talent as for their style. At 36, the legend of Spanish football has known everything in his career and above all he has won all the trophies possible, whether with his former club, Real Madrid, or with the national team. Two years ago, he signed for Paris Saint-Germain and the defender arrived in the capital with his wife, the sublime Pilar Rubio, as well as his 4 boys. After a complicated first season marked by numerous injuries, the handsome boy seems to have returned to a good physical level, as shown by his start to the season.

Beyond his level of play and his track record, Sergio Ramos also catches the eye with his look and in particular the many tattoos he has all over his body. Always very neat, he also attaches great importance to his hairstyle and since his arrival in Paris, he wears very long hair that he often ties in a ponytail during matches. If this cut lasted a long time, the partner of Kylian Mbappé and Lionel Messi decided to change everything! On his Instagram account, where he is often active and very popular with more than 53 million subscribers, he has just published a short video which caused a lot of reaction.

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A military look for Sergio Ramos!

In the beginning of the video, Sergio Ramos can be seen sitting in a chair in a garden with a woman behind him tending to his long hair. Equipped with a mower, she begins by cut his ponytail, which she ends up passing to him, which seems to make the footballer laugh. But this is only the beginning since the husband of the beautiful Pilar has decided to make a radical change since at the end of the video we can see that he has decided to cut everything! The sides are completely shaved and there are only a few millimeters left on the top. A moment that seems to make his children laugh a lot, staying by his side and having a lot of fun with their father’s new look!

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