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Sergio Ramos: His wife Pilar Rubio in a bikini, sensual vacation in Madrid!


It would seem that the Parisian supporters will have the chance to discover the true face of Sergio Ramos for his second year at the club. After a very disappointing first season marked by repeated injuries, it would seem that the legendary defender who arrived from Real Madrid last year has regained optimal physical shape. A man with a perfect lifestyle, the 36-year-old Spaniard has blended in perfectly with the Parisian locker room in the midst of superstars Messi, Neymar and Mbappé and it also seems that he is greatly enjoying his new Parisian life.

Installed in a very nice house with his wife Pilar Rubio and their four boys in the Parisian suburbs, Sergio Ramos enjoys good times with his family when he is not in training or in a match. His wife is also just as popular as him in Spain since the magnificent 44-year-old brunette is a real star and a renowned journalist and TV presenter. You only have to see her Instagram account where she is followed by more than 8 million subscribers to realize her impact. In a relationship since 2012 with the world champion, the lovers got married in 2018 during a superb ceremony.

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Very active on social networks, Pilar Rubio likes to publish photos of her in the company of her sons or her husband, but yesterday she rewarded her subscribers with a photo that they really liked. On the photo, we can see the sublime Spanish in a pretty bikini with a flower print and which reveals her perfect body. “These last minutes of sunshine”, she writes simply in comment of a photo which has already received more than 52,000 likes. A publication that includes a location in Madrid, the city where the couple lived for many years and where Sergio Ramos’ wife is from.

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