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Sega Clarifies Yakuza Name Change in the West


The great franchise Yakuza is about to undergo one of the biggest changes, when it comes to its positioning in western land, because Sega has just announced that it will stop using the title that we all know of “Yakuza” instead of a different one. Specifically, future “Yakuza” games will be titled “Like a Dragon,” like the subtitle for Yakuza 7. This is a far cry from what many fans will be used to, but as the publisher explained, it’s not without its reasoning, for what now Sega Clarifies Yakuza Name Change in the West.

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Sega Clarifies Yakuza Name Change in the West

While Yakuza has become a household name for this franchise in the west, the same cannot be said in Japan, where their entries have always been known as Ryu ga Gokotu, which translates to “like a dragon”. In fact, the developer of the Yakuza games, Ryu ga Gotoku Studio, is named after this very phrase, and Sega now claims the time is right for the franchise to drop its Westernized title variant, so its marketing can’line up more closely‘ with the original.

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This change is effective immediately, as was shown during the announcement of a series of upcoming Like a Dragon games. the launch of Like a Dragon: Ishin in the west, for example, it will be the first new entry in the franchise to give up the Yakuza moniker entirely, and fans will need to keep up. This change was already tried by Capcom with Resident Evil 7, subtitling it Biohazard, although this movement did not go much further than this.

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