Moose Gazette 2020 scholarship for students

Moose Gazette is the community which is providing authentic news from the globe to there readers speically in Movies,USA and UK news,Sports, Netflix Movies Etc.

so to help students we have created this scholarship Program.

About Moose Gazette

Moose Gazette publishes daily life news related to USA ,UK and Canada People.
Not Just News we are publishing detailed articles on word current position and what is happening arround.

Scholarship Details

Scholarship Amount: $500
Contest start date: 03-05-2020
Deadline: Sep 28, 2020


Scholarship Eligibility and Requirements:

Nothing else than being a loyal dog parent and student!!!

You have to write about 700-1500 words article about dogs, We will be sending you the topic.

Article should be 100% original with no grammar mistake.

No need to put images.


All the article will be posted on and according to the response of user in terms of likes, shares, and comment, the winner will be declared and they will be awarded the scholarship of $500.