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Roger Federer married: an intimate ceremony while Mirka was already pregnant


This is the moment that all fans of Roger Federer. A few days ago, the tennis legend announced on his social networks that he was about to retire after more than 20 years of an extraordinary career. “It’s time for me to end my career”, he said, plunging the tennis world and its millions of fans into turmoil. At 41, the Swiss will have won everything, finishing with 20 Grand Slam tournaments to his credit and for his farewell, he saw things big. It is tonight that he will say goodbye to this sport which has given him so much during the Laver Cup, which is being held in London. And what could be better than a doubles match alongside his rival and lifelong friend, Rafael Nadal.

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A meeting awaited by the whole planet and the stars should be there tonight in London. In the stands, we should necessarily find his four children, but also his wife, mika, who has shared his life for more than 22 years. The former Slovak tennis player met the man of her life in 2000 and since then their story has continued like a fairy tale. To concretize their love, the two lovebirds decide to get married on April 11, 2009during a ceremony organized in Switzerland, in Basel, in the birthplace of Roger Federer.

Mirka already very pregnant at the time of the wedding

A beautiful wedding which remained secret and which took place in a very intimate setting and rare are the photos which have appeared in the press. Only a few photos have been unveiled, and we can see that Mirka already reveals a nice round belly, she who is waiting for her twins, Myla and Charlene. A few days after the ceremony, Roger Federer spoke during his visit to Monaco and obviously, everything happened very quickly. “It was a very special moment. I expected to be less nervous than that. We decided to get married only a few weeks ago. We didn’t want a gigantic wedding. There were no other tennis players present, just family and very close friends.“, he explains, before concluding nicely: Marriage is life changing.”

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