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Rod Stewart’s wife Penny Lancaster breaks down in tears recalling his prostate cancer battle


Rod Stewart’s wife Penny Lancaster broke down in tears opening up about his cancer battle.

The 48-year-old appeared on Loose Women where she discussed the Maggie May singer’s health issues, after he underwent a secret battle with prostate cancer.

Speaking about the ordeal, she told the ITV panellists he had a string of tests before they were given the tragic news.

‘We got the shock news that it was cancer,’ she said. ‘We looked at the different ways of dealing with it, one was to have the gland removed, another was chemotherapy, radiation therapy.’

When asked if it was quite aggressive, she continued: ‘It was. A lot of these cancers can be living within you for many, many years and grow quite slowly, but with Rod, it was an aggressive one.

‘Instead of remaining in the gland, it left the gland and travelled to the outside tissues. So that was another scary moment where we had to have more invasive tests and scans to see if it was anywhere else in his body, which was the most frightening test of all.’

Tearing up, she told the ITV panellists: ‘But it hadn’t [gone anywhere].

Grabbing tissues, she said: ‘It was obvious I was going to get upset, it’s emotional. We kept it quiet for two-and-a-half-years now, but the positive news is we caught it early enough.’



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