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Red Dead Redemption actor addresses rumors of a remake


While the official information is that Rockstar is mainly focused on GTA VI, Red Dead Redemption actor Rob Wiethoff, responsible for bringing John Marston to life, has addressed rumors of a remake of the 2010 game. Alongside Grand Theft Auto, the Red Dead series is one of the most successful franchises it has Rockstar to his credit. The beloved western franchise takes the open world gameplay Rockstar is known for and combines it with an incredibly deep, emotional, and character-focused story.

The franchise has been lauded for its writing and storytelling, as well as its incredible technical advances with its 2018 sequel. With Red Dead Redemption 2’s huge graphical and gameplay leaps, many have called for a remake of the first game with those same features. . And now the Red Dead Redemption actor behind Marston has said he would love a remake from the original game.

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Red Dead Redemption actor addresses rumors

For a while, it was reported that Rockstar was briefly considering/planning a Red Dead Redemption remake, something that fans were looking forward to. Sadly, a recent report claims that the poor performance of the GTA trilogy and the focus on Grand Theft Auto 6 means that Red Dead Redemption remake won’t be done anytime soon. None of this has been confirmed by Rockstar in any case, although it comes from relatively reputable sources.

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During a interview with YouTuber Dan Allen GamingRed Dead Redemption actor who portrays John Marston, Rob Wiethoff, commented on the rumors of a Red Dead Redemption remake, noting that he would love for it to happen, but has no information to share about it for now.

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