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Recap of the latest news on Instagram


New features follow on Instagram and if (like us!) you’re struggling to follow, Influenth offers you a recap of the new features of the Meta group’s social network.

“Amber Alerts”

Instagram wants to be a reference platform in terms of security. For this, the social network implements many features to protect its users. Instagram does not stop there and is also mobilizing for all citizens. From now on, an Instagram user will see an alert show up on their feed if a missing child is actively sought near their location. Including several pieces of information such as a photo, a description or the location of the abduction, the alert can be shared with friends to spread the word.

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News for the Reals

Instagram focuses its strategy on the Reals in order to compete with TikTok. The social network has also enhanced its short formats with several novelties. The duration of the Reals is extended up to 90 seconds. Additionally, users will be able to add their own sound on these short videos like TikTok does.

Pin posts to your profile

Each novelty that is a hit on a social network is quickly copied to others. Instagram gives its users the possibility pin posts at the top of their profile. They could highlight their 3 favorite publications !


Snapchat has its Bitmoji, Instagram presents its Avatars. Each user can create the avatar of your choice on the social network. They are customizable and can be used in stories and messages.

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Mention accounts in an already published Story

A novelty that pleases. Instagram allows mention accounts in an already live story. It is possible to identify up to 20 people in Storyeven after its publication.

Check the age of its users

Instagram is testing new options to know the age of its users in order to offer them experiences adapted to their age. Thanks to facial recognitionInstagram will be able to confirm the age of its users.

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