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Ray J & Princess Love Reveal They’re Having A Boy In High-Flying, Helicopter Gender Reveal — Watch



A skyward celebration! Ray J and Princess Love took to Instagram to share with their fans and followers the exciting experience of their gender reveal, complete with helicopter ride and colored smoke.

This couple really has taken gender reveals to a whole new level. Ray J, 38, and Princess Love, 35, shared a video on Ray J’s Instagram account on Oct. 22, showing their full gender reveal for the couple’s second baby. The reveal definitely took the moment to new heights — literally! “We’re about to hop on the chopper,” Ray J, born William Raymond Norwood Jr., said to the camera in the video. “They’re going to lay down the smoke. It could be pink or blue, but we’re going to find out right now, way up in the air!” Well, not everyone got to see it from up in the air.

Princess and the couple’s one-year-old daughter, Melody Love Norwood, stayed on the ground while Ray J went up into the helicopter to see the smoke show. Once the “Sexy Can I” singer was in the air, the second helicopter next to Ray J’s started to spew smoke. The result? Blue! Ray J and Princess will be having a baby boy! “We having a boy,” Ray J yelled while pumping his fist in the air. It was such an exciting occasion for the growing family, who’ve been celebrating these little moments together since they made their exciting announcement that they were adding to their family.

The couple shared the news on Aug. 25 with a family portrait on Princess Love’s Instagram account. “Somebody’s gonna be a big sis 👶🏽🍼 New addition arriving Jan 2020 @melodylovenorwood @rayj #2under2 #Blessed.” On Ray J’s Instagram, the proud papa captioned his post of the family enjoying some pool time with, “Baby #2 on the way! @MelodyLoveNorwood your about to be a big sister! #Godisthegreatest @princesslove.” 

Friends of the couple were thinking as far back as November 2018 that the couple were thinking about adding to their family. “Princess was already saying that she wanted another baby when she was still pregnant with Melody,” a source shared EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife on November 19. “She wants at least three kids and she’s getting close to her mid-30s, so she does feel the time crunch. And pregnancy was very easy for her! Her friends called her a superhero because she didn’t have a single side effect or even a day of morning sickness, so she doesn’t feel worried about getting pregnant again right away.” With her due date approaching, Princess, Ray J and sweet Melody have so much to celebrate and look forward to as their little family continues to grow!


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