Take the Ultimate Naruto Quiz and Unleash Your Expertise on Team Guy’s Incredible Arsenal!

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Welcome to our Quiz! This interactive challenge is specifically designed for fans of Team Guy's Arsenal. Will you pass the test? It's time to prove your mastery over the combat techniques, unique abilities, and diverse weaponry utilized by this talented team. Let's see how well you know your favorite shinobi!

What is Rock Lee's signature move?
Leaf Whirlwind
Eight Gates
Primary Lotus
Shadow Clone Jutsu
What weapon does Tenten specialize in?
All weapons
What is Might Guy's ultimate move?
Evening Elephant
Night Guy
Dynamic Entry
Primary Lotus
Who is the sensei of Team Guy?
What technique does Neji Hyuga use that is unique to his clan?
Shadow Clone Jutsu
Gentle Fist
Where did Team Guy spend most of their time during the Fourth Great War?
Medical Unit
Front lines
Protecting Naruto and Killer Bee
Infiltrating the enemy's base

Introduction to Team Guy's Arsenal

Team Guy is one of the most formidable groups in the celebrated Naruto series, led by the passionate and exuberant Might Guy. This quartet is known for their prowess in , or hand-to-hand combat, and their arsenal is as varied as it is impressive.

Members of Team Guy

  • Might Guy: Known for his exceptional Taijutsu skills and the use of the Eight Gates, a risky yet powerful technique that can increase a ninja's power at the potential cost of their life.
  • Rock Lee: An enthusiastic student of Might Guy. He is unable to perform other types of Jutsu, but his Taijutsu skills are unparalleled. His arsenal includes the Primary Lotus and the Hidden Lotus.
  • Tenten: The only female member of the team with a knack for weaponry. She can summon and use a variety of weapons, making her a versatile asset to the team.
  • Neji Hyuga: A member of the Hyuga clan who can utilize the Byakugan and Gentle Fist technique, giving him an edge in both offense and defense.

Team Guy's Signature Techniques

Guy's team is unique due to their specialization in Taijutsu, and they have developed their signature techniques. These techniques include the Eight Gates used by Might Guy and Rock Lee, the weapon manipulation of Tenten, and the Gentle Fist technique of Neji Hyuga.

While they lack the elemental and illusionary techniques common with other teams, their focus on physical prowess and weaponry makes them a formidable force. Their arsenal reflects their dedication, discipline, and the drive to constantly push their limits.


Team Guy's arsenal is a testament to their unique abilities and intense training. Each member brings a unique skill set to the table, giving them a range of options when combating opponents. Test your knowledge on their arsenal and see if you have what it takes to be a member of Team Guy!

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