Netflix quiz: Is “The Haunting of Hill House” still haunting your dreams?

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Are you a fan of supernatural dramas? Test your memory with this Netflix quiz on . Were you captivated by its chilling narrative and complex characters, or does its memory still haunt you? Let's find out how much you remember from this spine-tingling series!

Who directed The Haunting of Hill House?
What is the name of the Hill House's caretaker?
How many children does the Crain family have?
What causes the Crain family to move into Hill House?
They intend to renovate and sell it.
They inherited it.
They simply fell in love with the house.
Who sees the Bent-Neck Lady in their nightmares?
What is the Red Room in Hill House?
It appears as different rooms to different people.
It's a room painted red.
A room where the Crains kept their Christmas decorations.
A room where murders took place.

The Haunting Memories of The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House is an American gothic horror television series that sent a shiver down the spine of viewers worldwide. Adapted from Shirley Jackson's 1959 novel of the same name, the series was a masterstroke by director Mike Flanagan and premiered on Netflix in 2018.

The chilling tales of the Crain family, residents of the Hill House, have created a buzz since its inception. The story oscillates between two timelines, depicting the lives of the family members who continue to be haunted by their past.

Key Highlights of the Series

  • The series, with its ten episodes, managed to create a perfect blend of horror, drama, and suspense.
  • Subtle details and easter eggs made for an engaging watch, demanding the viewers' attention to appreciate the intricacies.
  • The ‘bent-neck lady' revelation and the finale are considered some of the most shocking and intense moments on the show.
  • The series does not rely solely on jump scares but eases its audience into a state of .

Ever since the show aired, it has been the talk of the town, keeping viewers on edge, always guessing, and forever haunted. Whether it's the terrifying apparitions, the sinister house, or the eerie storyline, every element of the series added to its haunting appeal.

Do You Still Remember?

There's no doubt that The Haunting of Hill House left an indelible mark on its viewers. But, how well do you remember the series? Do the hallways of the Hill House still run in your mind's corridors?

  • Can you recall the spine-chilling incidents that befell the Crain family?
  • Do you remember the secrets that the Hill House held within its walls?
  • Are you still haunted by the uncanny nightmares it unleashed?

If The Haunting of Hill House still lingers in your memory, it's time to put your knowledge to the test. Take our Netflix quiz and see how well you remember this unforgettable horror classic.

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