Dragon Ball Quiz: Test your knowledge on the captivating universes of Dragon Ball Multiverse!

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Welcome to our Dragon Ball Quiz! Test your knowledge on the expansive lore of the Dragon Ball Multiverse. Unleash your inner Saiyan and prove how well you understand the intricacies of each unique universe. Are you ready to step into the Kamehameha-charged world of Dragon Ball?

Which universe is known as the World of Void in Dragon Ball Multiverse?
Universe 1
Universe 7
Universe 11
Universe of Nothingness
Which character from Universe 6 in Dragon Ball Multiverse is the twin brother of Beerus?
What unique transformation does Cabba, from Universe 6, possess in Dragon Ball Multiverse?
Who is the God of Destruction in Universe 11 of Dragon Ball Multiverse?
Which universe in Dragon Ball Multiverse is considered as the main setting?
Universe 7
Universe 6
Universe 11
Who is the Supreme Kai of Universe 10 in Dragon Ball Multiverse?

An Overview of the Dragon Ball Multiverse

If you're a fan of the iconic and anime series Dragon Ball, you're probably aware that it's not just set in a single universe. The Dragon Ball Multiverse, as it's known, is a complex construct of different universes, each with its unique characters, histories, and physics. Here are a few aspects you need to know before you take the Dragon Ball quiz.

The Concept of Multiverse

The term Multiverse is used in the series to refer to the collection of 12 parallel universes that comprise the Dragon Ball world. Each universe has its version of Earth, and while some are strikingly similar to the primary universe of our beloved characters, others are vastly different.

The 12 Universes

  • Universe 1: This universe is the closest to the divine realm.
  • Universe 2: It's a universe that emphasizes love and has a magical-girl team.
  • Universe 3: Home to a highly advanced, machine-driven civilization.
  • Universe 4: A universe of trickery and deception.
  • Universe 5: Remains largely mysterious, with not much information available.
  • Universe 6: The twin universe to Universe 7 and features a different reality.
  • Universe 7: The main universe where the original Dragon Ball series occur.
  • Universe 8: Not much information is available about this universe.
  • Universe 9: Known as a tragic universe, due to its state of decay.
  • Universe 10: Known for the mortals that live in harmony with their gods.
  • Universe 11: Home to the superhero group, The Pride Troopers.
  • Universe 12: Known for its advanced time-travel technology.

Each universe is governed by a set of Gods and overseen by the Omni King, the highest authority in the Multiverse. The universes have dynamic relationships with each other, and their interactions form the backbone of many Dragon Ball storylines.

Test Your Knowledge

Now that you know the basics of the Dragon Ball Multiverse, are you ready to put your knowledge to the test? Remember, the quiz will challenge you on the various aspects of each universe, including its distinctive characters, unique features, and crucial events. Good luck!

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