Disney Quiz: Discover if you’re a bona fide “Oliver and Company” aficionado!

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Welcome to our Quiz Disney! Just how well do you know the animated classic Oliver and Company? This charming tale is beloved by many, but only a true fan will be able to ace this quiz. Dive in and test your knowledge about this unforgettable Disney adventure. Are you ready?

Who is the voice actor for Oliver in Oliver and Company?
Joey Lawrence
Billy Joel
Cheech Marin
Bette Midler
Which year was Oliver and Company released?
Billy Joel
Elton John
Phil Collins
Michael Jackson
What breed is Georgette from Oliver and Company?
Who is the main antagonist in Oliver and Company?
In which city does Oliver and Company take place?
New York City

About Disney's Oliver and Company

Oliver and Company is a classic Disney animated movie released in 1988. The film is a quirky and heartfelt interpretation of ' Oliver Twist, but with a twist of its own – the characters are anthropomorphic animals living in New York City.

The Characters

  • Oliver – A lovable and courageous orphaned kitten who finds a new home and family amongst a quirky pack of canine thieves.
  • Dodger – A cool, street-smart mongrel, Dodger is the leader of the dog gang and becomes a mentor and big brother to Oliver.
  • Georgette – A glamorous and spoiled pedigree poodle who initially resents Oliver, but eventually warms up to him.
  • Fagin – A kind but impoverished who leads the gang of dogs and becomes a father figure to Oliver.
  • Sykes – The main antagonist, a ruthless loan shark who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

The Story

The story follows Oliver as he navigates through the rough and tumble streets of New York City. Along the way, he meets Dodger and his gang, and through a series of adventures, learns about friendship, courage, and what it means to have a family. The film is beloved for its gritty yet heartwarming portrayal of city , as well as its catchy and memorable soundtrack.


Oliver and Company has left a lasting impact in the world of animation with its unique blend of classic literature and modern urban story-telling. Its memorable characters and heartwarming story have made it a favorite among Disney fans worldwide.

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