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PS4 and PS4 Pro Black Friday deals – what to expect in 2019


Black Friday PS4 deals are still a safe bet – especially with the PS5 due out late next year.

The PS4 is now six years old, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of date. The console still has a great list of games, the 4K upgrade with the PS4 Pro and new game releases still coming thick and fast.

If you’re still looking to buy a PlayStation, or you want to upgrade to 4K gameplay then Black Friday 2019 is the time to find a good deal and get the console at a much better price. EE also has an offer on at the moment where, if you buy a Sony Xperia phone you get a console and game bundle free or the PSVR. More on that below.

There aren’t many early deals or offers on the PS4 or PS4 Pro at the moment, but bookmark this page and we’ll update you as the latest best Black Friday deals are announced. It’s likely the PS4 bundles will start to crop up at the start of November in the lead up to the main event through to Cyber Monday on 2nd December.

Best PS4 deals so far

With Modern Warfare out this week, there are a couple of PS4 bundles already. Some of the best bargains on Black Friday are the bundle packages, but there’s also a chance to get a console and game free. If you buy a Sony Xperia phone you get a claim code that you can use to get a PlayStation bundle or the PlayStation VR Starter Pack. The bundle includes a 500GB PS4 with two controllers and a year PS Plus subscription and the VR Starter Pack comes with a headset, camera and PlayStation VR Worlds Game.

The deal is with EE if you buy a Sony Xperia L3, Xperia 10 or Xperia 1.

What PS4 bundles can you expect on Black Friday?

Now we know the PS5 is coming in 2020 this is the last Black Friday to get a PS4. With a new console on its way prices are likely to drop as retailers try and shift the older model. If you’re getting a PS4 you may as well go for the Pro and switch to 4k gaming. If you want the PSVR it could also be a good time to look for bundles. If it drops to about £200 definitely snap it up.

Cal of Duty: Modern Warfare bundle

Cal of Duty: Modern Warfare bundle


Games wise you won’t see many new releases reduced, but some may be thrown in to bundle packages. The new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is already in bundles, and there’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order too. GAME has the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and PS4 500GB bundle for £209.99.

Older games like FIFA 20, Borderlands 3 and Control could be on sale too.

How much will the PS4 Pro cost in Black Friday sales?

The PS4 Pro will also be in the Black Friday deals with the Ps5 just around the corner. The PS4 Pro Bundle with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is currently £209.99 at Amazon UK. If it goes lower than £200 that’s a good mark, but it’s likely to sit around the £250 mark.

Should I wait for the PS5?

It may seem the best idea, but the PS5 won’t be out until the end of 2020 – that’s quite a wait. If you can hold off then do, but remember you’ll be paying full price when the PS5 is released, and the PS4 Pro is still a nifty console.

There are plenty of games coming out before the PS5 and you don’t want to miss out on playing The Last of Us Part 2 do you now?

Will there be PSVR Black Friday deals?

We’d say yes. There have been Black Friday deals on PSVR in previous years so we’re expecting more this year. Sony’s latest release is the PSVR Mega Pack for £300 with VR Worlds, Astro Bot Rescue Mission, Skyrim VR, Resident Evil 7 and Everybody’s Golf. The pack has gone down to £200 before, though it seems more likely it’ll sit in between these two prices. The starter pack is far more likely to dip to £200.


Amazon, John Lewis, AO.com, Currys and Argos will all have deals on the PSVR. We’ll update you here nearer Black Friday. If you’re looking for grames, Blood and Truth is a good bet.

Amazon currently has the PlayStation VR starter pack at £246.01 with free delivery.

What PS4 and PS4 Pro Black Friday deals were there last year?

Amazon Prime Day was a good indicator of what to expect on Black Friday with the same Spider-Man bundle but with Horizon: Zero Dawn thrown in about £249. Spider-Man was also a new game before Black Friday last year, so expect just as chunky discounts this year.

The 1TB PlayStation 4 Pro with Spider-Man and NOW TV is £299 at GAME, the PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB with FIFA 20 and NOW TV is the same price and there’s a GAME exclusive with Limited Edition Death Stranding PS4 Pro Bundle for £379.99 too.

PS4 Pro bundle

PS4 Slim deals were also popular last year and a console and game bundled together for £220 was a popular offer during Amazon Prime Day. We’ve seen lower prices for the PS4 but it looks like, last year, stock was being cleared to make way for the new PS4 Slim. Sony seems to like the £199 offers, so don’t expect drastic cuts.

In the UK the PS4 Pro went for about £320 down from £350, which isn’t much of a saving, though it did come with FIFA 19. A few retailers added another game for an extra £10 too.

PS4 Black Friday games

Games often get Black Friday deals too. Last year God of War dropped to £20.99. This year, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has just come out so is unlikely to be reduced, but FIFA 20 is likely to have a price cut and appear in bundles along with Borderlands 3 and Doom Eternal. You could save about £15 when you get them in a bundle.

Games that are slightly older are likely to get the best deals, so look out for Rage 2, Spider-Man and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey as well as Kingdom Hearts III.

PlayStation Plus Black Friday deals

Black Friday could be a good time to top up. In previous years there have been discounts on 12-month subscriptions as well as 15-months.

CDKeys often have the best offers, but Amazon and the official store also have deals on subs.

You also don’t have to wait for your current PlayStation Plus to expire to top it up, you can stack up memberships, so you can get the best deal and just extend the time.

PS4 Black Friday accessories

Keep an eye out for the DualShock PS4 controller as prices are high year-round, but they’ve been known to go for half price during Black Friday. There are a few new colours in there too. PS4 headsets are also worth checking as they tend to be discounted.


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