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Protesters throw a coffin into the Dublin river to coincide with Elizabeth II’s funeral


MADRID, Sep. 19 (Moose Gazette) –

This Monday, coinciding with the state funeral and burial of Elizabeth II in London, anti-imperialist protesters have thrown a coffin with the legend “RIP British Empire” into the River Liffey in the center of the Irish capital.

The protest action is part of a demonstration against the British crown called by Anti-Imperialist Action Ireland and aims to recall the one carried out in 1897 by the left-wing Irish nationalist leader James Connolly, coinciding with the visit of Queen Victoria.

The demonstration has been called to protest “against the humiliating worship of the English monarchy by the ruling class of the Free State” of Ireland.

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They also reproach the authorities for flying the Irish flag at half-staff during the day, reports the news agency The Press Association.

The Irish president, Michael D. Higgins, and the country’s prime minister, Micheal Martin, have attended the state funeral of Elizabeth II held in London.

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