Preakness Stakes Postponed: More Time to Decide For A Bet

Preakness Stakes Postponed: More Time to Decide For A Bet

Everyone has been anticipating the Preakness Stakes that’s going to happen two months from now. But with the situation we are facing today, the Preakness Stakes was postponed to September. The Covid-19 pandemic had taken its toll on the horse racing field. Horse racing aficionados were very disappointed by the delay of their much-awaited event.

But there’s nothing to worry about, especially now that you have extra time to study each participant and their previous events. The data you can gather might help you decide who gets your bet. You have to know the odds before placing your bet, and it pays to be sure than sorry.

Things To Consider in Choosing a Horse

There are vital factors that you need to look out for when picking a horse to bet your money on. Horse race betting is unpredictable, but there are guidelines you can follow to have an inkling of the race’s possible outcome. 

A form guide data will help you familiarize each contender participating in the race. It gives you a complete overview of each participant’s information. If you plan to take your research a bit further, you must analyze everything carefully.

  • Post Position – It is where the horse is positioned at the start of the race. The position of a horse may have an impact on the competition. There is a big difference between the inner and outer stall position. The inner position favors a sprint race while the outer favors a long route race. 
  • Past Performances – You have to analyze the recent performances of a horse and understand its form. You have to look if the horse has been finishing on a number 1 spot consecutively. This record may suggest that the horse is in great shape.
  • Resting Period – Watch out for the last race the horse participated in. It should be at least 30-60 days before the upcoming race. Horses that are over and under rest are not ideal picks.
  • Jockey And Trainer – You have to check the history of the rider and the trainer. Their data will be a useful guide to predict a horses’ performance in the race. Check how well the horse was trained and the capability of the jockey to handle the horse. 
  • Check The Horse – Check the horses’ condition like its age and history of injury that might affect its performance. Look out for its behavior before the race. Does it look tired or well-rested? Is the horse calm or agitated? Check out the overall physique of the horse and identify if it is weak or strong.

A Glimpse From The Past

Let’s walk down memory lane and analyze the previous winners of the Preakness Stakes in the last five years. This may help you decide who to bet on this upcoming race. Even though you already have your favorite, you might still be asking, ‘will he win?’ If so, then let’s analyze and check their chances in the race.

2019 – War of Will

2019 was the year for War of Will winning the stake, outrunning Everfast to the finish line. He started the race on the number one post, which increased his odds of winning the race. It was a close fight, but both horses gave their best till the last minute. 

War of Will was well-rested, having a 60-day interval from his last race where he finished in 3rd place. The Preakness Stakes of 2019 had a deserving winner, but War of Will’s victory was surrounded with intrigues, as Bodexpress ran the track without a jockey. 

2018 – Justify

On the 143rd running of the Preakness Stakes, Justify outpaced Bravazo and finished the race as number one. Starting on the 7th post, he was favored by 1-5. Justify partnered with his jockey Mike Smith to do the most magnificent run of the 2018 Preakness stakes.

2017 – Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing had marvelous past performances before the 2017 Preakness Stakes. Positioned in the 2nd post, he won, leaving Classic Empire in 2nd place. Already expected to dominate the race, Cloud, with the odds of 13-1, didn’t disappoint expectations.

2016 – Exaggerator

Before the Preakness Stakes in 2016, Exaggerator had been racking wins in the past. Positioned in the 5th post, Exaggerator gave the fans a great show as he ran his way to the number one spot of the 144th running of the Preakness Stakes. Cherry White, positioned in the 2nd post, finishes the event at the 2nd place. 

2015 – American Pharoah

Hats are off to this 8-year-old horse for having a magnificent performance before and after the 2015 Preakness Stakes. American Pharaoh won the number one spot in eight consecutive races, including the 140th Preakness Stakes that left Tale of Verve as his runner up. 


Betting on a horse can be profitable if you pick the right one. Choosing a horse can be a bit challenging as all the contenders do their best and train hard for the race. However, there will always be one that would shine above the others and finish as number one. By following the guidelines carefully, maybe you’ll pick which horse might win. 

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